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Seminar 2009

The Story Museum
Chris Smith

Chris will introduce us to the work of the Storytelling Museum, which works with twenty schools in Oxfordshire. It teaches children from disadvantaged backgrounds to tell stories as a way of creating a positive school experience, developing language and creative skills and improving literacy. Heíll include a selection of stories that are being introduced in these schools, starting from anecdote, through folktale and wondertale to legend and myth: the storytellerís ladder to the moon.

Chris Smith, PhD is Creative Director of the Oxford-based Story Museum, an organisation dedicated to the promotion of story ( http://www.storymuseum.org.uk ). He was trained in performance storytelling with Ben Haggarty and on the use of story in therapy and education with Alida Gersie, and is author of two books, The Islamic Year and One City, Two Brothers. Before becoming a storyteller Chris worked for fifteen years in the Middle East, including a time running UNICEFs programme for children in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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