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ICR holds annual public seminars. Details of our 2011 seminar are below, with links to those of previous years. Our 2012 seminar will be held in the autumn, with details to follow.


8 and 9 October 2011
The Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre
School of Oriental and African Studies
10 Thornhaugh Street, London WC1

Why do ideas sometimes come flooding in and at other times become blocked? This seminar will examine the nature of inspiration. Looking across history, cultures, companies and individuals, it will investigate how we have ideas and asks if there such a thing as external inspiration?

Is the impression of receiving an idea from outside a function of how our brains work? Do artistic and scientific breakthroughs have more in common than we generally think?

We will examine the moment when the spark connects…and look at ways we can all stimulate our creativity.

The seminar ran from 10am till 4pm on Saturday 8th October and from 10am till 3.15pm on Sunday 9th October

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