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Cultural Research

Papers on Regional Cultures and Culture-Mixing, by and for the Institute for Cultural Research

Edited by Tahir Shah

ISBN 978-0-86304-064-1, Published 1993, Hardback 278 pages

Price £24.50

In a world shrunk by rapid travel, human cultures impinge more and more readily one upon another. These impacts, many of them alien, bring about change and often stir up conflict. The examples given in this book show some of this in operation. Study of such conflicts, to which our own culture has often contributed, can provoke valuable insights into the society in which we live. Contributors include General Sir John Glubb on his life among the Arabs; Robert Cecil on cults in 19th Century Britain; Dr Drid Williams on dance in West Africa.

Cultural Encounters

Essays on the interactions of diverse cultures now and in the past

Edited by Robert Cecil and David Wade

ISBN 978-0-86304-050-4, Published 1990, Hardback 241 pages

Price £17.00

This collection of essays includes subjects as diverse as the relationship between the Indian guru and his disciples, the influences that have shaped modern China, and the classical literature of Georgia. Derived from public lectures sponsored by the Institute for Cultural Research, it includes contributions by: Sir Steven Runciman, Katharine Vivian, Sir Roger Stevens, Nirad C.Chaudhuri, Iris Butler, Professor G.M.Carstairs, Peter Brent, Richard Harris, Professor Peter Wade, David Widdicombe, Q.C., Sir Martin Holdgate, Eugene Grebenik and Dr Alexander King.

The Nature of Religious Man: Tradition and Experience

A Symposium organized by the Institute for Cultural Research

Edited by Professor D.B.Fry

ISBN 978-0-900860-67-6, Published 1982, Hardback 219 pages

Price £14.50

In the modern world the subject of religion assumes an ever-growing importance, despite a widely held view to the contrary. This collection is the report of a symposium organized by the Institute for Cultural Research and the Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge (USA), designed to bring together the realms of tradition and experience in many aspects of world religion. Representatives of Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam deal with these faiths, while Zen, Yoga and Christian mysticism are explored by other researchers who have specialized in these fields.

Contributors: Dr Anthony Dyson, Riadh El-Droubie, John Harriott, Rabbi Dow Marmur, Professor Shivesh Takur, Dr Carmen Blacker, Dom Silvester Houédard, Dr Vamberto L. Morais, Angela Tilby.