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Lectures Spring 1999

A series of eight lecture-discussions on the origins and functions of language

The Axemaker's Gift
Dr. Robert Ornstein
April 17, 1999

Laughter and the Evolution of Language
Dr. Chris Knight
May 8, 1999

Languages, People and Tongues
Dr. Daniel Nettle
May 14, 1999

The Evolution of Language: evidence from the fossil and archaeological records
Dr. Steven Mithen
May 15, 1999

The Unspoken Power of Language
Jo Ellen Grzyb
May 22, 1999

Language and Human Nature
Professor James Hurford
May 29, 1999

Person to Person - words with a human touch
Godfrey Howard
June 5, 1999

The Nature of Human Language: why we can't talk to computers
Dr. Doug Arnold
June 12, 1999